About Us


Our company can offer you a full range of construction related services.  We have more than 30 years of experience in this industry, which makes us one of the leading construction companies in this part or the U.S. Having in mind that our clients only demand the top service, one of our missions is to provide them that, along with the team of dedicated professionals and construction workers.

We currently employ ten architects who are in charge of planning and monitoring the development, as well as, more than 50 construction workers. Through long years of experience, we have participated in many major projects, from designing and building, to planning and setting up an interior design.

Our primary goal is to have satisfied and long term clients, who will be able to praise with our services. We approximately participate in more than 80 projects during the year, which makes us one of the leaders in the market.

We are well – respected and well – established construction company, and clients trust our services. The trust they put in us, is the most valuable thing we can receive. It gives us credibility and a good advertisement for the future customers. Not one we have back down from a project, no matter how demanding it was. All our projects were done within the time limit and in agreement with a client.

Our company has a strong commitment and a vision and this sets us apart from the competition and allows us to develop our business.